This week Wilbur Wolf, one of our long-time training partners, conducted a Leadership and Communications Webinar for CCDC/ReDI Volunteers. Those who attended learned many tips, procedures, and techniques that they found useful and applicable to the COVID-19 VPODS we have been operating. Many of our volunteers are not aware of the fact that CCDC has been training and practicing the implementation of a pandemic exercise for ten years!

We have been engaged in a training protocol with Wilbur who is the co-founder of Aquila SOG, for all those years. He has a military background and has translated his training expertise into a program that residents can quickly learn. These programs instill a sense of confidence and the consistent training in which we participate persuades the leader in us to emerge little by little. One of our new volunteers commented in the webinar last night of the take-aways she gleaned from the session, saying that "she is not a leader yet" and that is exactly what we hope to hear! Someone is willing to learn some new skills and test the leading waters of CCDC!

There is a reason that CCDC has worked with Wilbur Wolf for so long and zoom webinars do not communicate his charisma, demonstrations, or ability to guide us through our hesitations. The courses we are doing in June are just teasers to the real thing when we are permitted to do so. Believe me, we ALL want to be in-person asap. Please look at the presentation for next week and come prepared with comments, questions, and anecdotes! We are simultaneously teachers (via our comments and anecdotes) and students (with our questions).

Thank you all for your participation.

Senior Partner/Co-Owner, Aquila Strategy and Operations Group, LLC. Wilbur Wolf has partnered for the past 15 years with Delaware Count and the MCM (SNS) and MRC/CCDC programs. With 25+ years of training, consulting, and business leadership built from a foundation of 31.5 years of military leadership experience Wilbur provides down to earth and easy to understand Core Leadership programs:

Strategic Planning, Planning and Leadership, Project Rescue, Leader and Team Development, Facilitation and Negotiation

Wilbur is a husband, father, grandfather & woodworker residing on his farm in upstate Pennsylvania. Consulting services and his wood products can be purchased through his other company, Wolf Creek Associates.