The next phase of our program will give you an opportunity to recharge and renew as well as participate in CCDC training.

Vaccination demand is down, missions are reduced, responses to missions are down; the world is opening up with more activities and family events, vacations, some back to work, and life will be more normal than what we have experienced.

To ensure that vaccinations can continue throughout the summer, it is necessary to hire paid staff at Chester, Yeadon, and Springfield, although Springfield will require volunteers as well. We want to keep Springfield available to volunteers as long as the demand is there. We do not have any idea what is down the road. We do not know if there will be a need for booster shots, or flu shots, or a resurgence in the covid-19 cases in Delaware County. There will probably be flooding, hurricane activity, electrical outages, fires, and always the potential to open a pill pod or vaccination pod again.

What we do know is that we must continue our training and that includes MCM Pill dispensing as part of our emergency preparedness repertoire. We are planning to offer CCDC training events to keep our skill set up to date and improved based on our experience. We are launching a New ReDI Program for you to share your skills and knowledge called Volunteer Toolkit where you apply your background talents to show us how we can improve and be more efficient in our ongoing work.

This is the next phase. There are ways and means for everyone to stay involved in the volunteer world of CCDC. Look for new missions and events on ReDI. Please fan the CCDC and Volunteer Toolkit Programs so that you are aware when a new request for help is posted. And remember that we are always available to answer any questions and concerns at