It is June 1, 2021, and we are about to go on a holiday break. We are winding down our activities within the Covid-19 Task Force for the summer and it is a good time to reset, take stock, and refresh ourselves. While you are on vacation or staycation, I want to let you know that I am available to call, I am available to email and I available to listen to you. I have benefitted from the feedback emails you have sent to us and which I read and to which I responded. I welcome the conversation.

We have been able to navigate through the Covid journey because we served our community. If we had not been involved in that effort, we all would feel differently now and within the craziness of the last year. Service is the thing, service is our why, service is what has brought us together as strangers then acquaintances and maybe even friends. We have chosen to take care of the person on our right and the person on our left. Service is what saves us at any level you can give. My service continues to save me.

I want to share the wisdom and inspiration of my very favorite mentor, Simon Sinek. Please take the time to listen to this conversation and maybe listen to it more than once over the break and over the summer. I think it will resonate with you as it has with me. Hey, please keep in touch. I want to know how you are doing. (

Simon Sinek: Service is the Thing