PA Damage Reporter Module 301 -Quick Guide to Damage Assessment Reporting

Course Description: This training session provides a review or just-in-time training for those who have previous experience in damage assessment.

This course reviews these federal standards, introduces the damage assessment process and provides an overview of how this data is rapidly collected and summarized in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania.

It also focuses on how to use the Commonwealth Damage Reporter to enter and report damage data in multiple jurisdictions and roll that data up, to provide summary information at the county or Commonwealth levels using the Commonwealth Damage Reporter's Console and Handheld Applications.

Course Objectives Review the phases of Damage Assessment Reporting Review the Federal Damage Categories for Individual and Public Assistance reporting. Use the handheld to enter or update a Windshield Survey, AND Use the handheld to enter or update an Individual Assistance or Public Assistance survey. This course has no prerequisites.

Please create an account on TRAINPA to take this course (and others) so that you can assess damage when natural disasters occur such as the flooding in Bucks County. Delaware County DES has been asked to assist with this task and we would like to get you trained so that we can answer this immediate need and others in the future

This course is best experienced with a PC using Internet Explorer 11. This course includes knowledge checks (quizzes) in each section and a final test. These must be successfully passed in order to obtain course completion.

Version 1.0 December 2016