Citizen Corps may be called upon to help our communities since flooding is possible in our area. Take the time now to update your information in ServPA and ReDI - and please enable text messaging so we can reach you quickly!   

Be aware of ReDI Missions being posted; and/or messages sent out via servPA or ReDI. If a mission is posted:

Read the mission instructions carefully

  • where to park, To Be Determined

  • what to bring, Go Bag of clothes & supplies to last 2-3 days

  • what to expect.

    • Show up at the Volunteer Reception Center and sign in

    • Expect Just in Time Training,

    • and be assigned a position to staff

BE SAFE!  If that means you can't deploy if CCDC is asked to do so, that's fine.  We may need you the next day or the next or the next event.

CCDC Leadership