Hey Everybody!! How are you all doing? Hope that you had a nice summer and are back to the school year in good health… It is already October!

Things are starting up again as you may have noticed, and I just wanted to reach out let you know that Cathy and I are still here acting as ReDI consultants while we train others to build missions and get up to speed with our procedures and routines. We are monitoring the ReDI site, continuing to improve the database and learning new tricks that we will pass on as appropriate.

Cathy has been very busy reviewing and approving hours and creating the reports we need to submit for the National MRC and the Commonwealth of PA. We are in contact with Galaxy/ReDI and making sure that we have the most updated version of the software to make things a little easier for us on the back end.  I have a small crew of ID Badge folks helping me to produce your badges, but we need profile pictures!  

CCDC has been conducting training sessions which will continue throughout the year. Emergency Preparedness is our middle name, and we must be vigilant with our training. The CCDC Leadership Council is reviewing our workgroup focus and visions and we hope to have that picture complete in the next month.

Check the ReDI calendar regularly as the rest of the year will have covid-19 vaccines, flu vaccines and booster shots as well. PLEASE step up again and support the residents at these vpods. We have enough volunteers; we just need you to respond to the missions asap so that we know the schedule and do not rely on last minute texts and posts. You know the drill…your participation is appreciated, your ability to succeed at the vpods is established and your membership sustains us. I am honored to work with you to fulfill the requests for volunteers at these events.

Warm Regards,

Judy McKinney