Personnel Announcements

The CCDC Leadership Team met last night, reviewed, and discussed an updated organizational structure and an updated outline of operations proposed by the CCDC Board. There is more work to be done to clarify and specifically describe the workgroup and committees, but we wanted you to know that work is in progress. We realize that the transition from full out COVID-19 pandemic support to what we hoped to be back to normal has not happened and we will continue to serve the community with vaccinations. But it is important that you know this organizational work is going on behind the scenes for the benefit of the volunteers. We want to provide a clear presentation of opportunities in which you can assist with the business of CCDC and need more time to complete. We will keep you abreast of our progress and your patience is appreciated.

Danielle Koerner

As you know from my last blog post, that Danielle Koerner has been assigned as the new CCDC Volunteer Coordinator. Just to reiterate Danielle's introduction, she is a long-time paramedic with a background in patient care and advocacy, EMS education, regulatory management, and Access & Functional Needs Coordination. With the County since 2013, and with the Department of Emergency Services since 2018, Danielle was formerly the Outreach & Access and Functional Needs Coordinator. Danielle lives in Rutledge with her husband and two young sons.

Tammi Maciolek

Another announcement is that Tammi Maciolek has resigned from CCDC as Deputy Volunteer Coordinator and is working with the Delco Department of Emergency Services in the Special Operations Division and will also support CCDC and under the supervision of Danielle Koerner. A long-time volunteer with CCDC, Tammi has led a variety of workgroups, exercises, events and has mentored many of us, including me, in the art of volunteerism, and was a COVID-19 Task Force Site Leader. Tammi is married with two sons and resides in Chadds Ford. She has worked in the education field for local school districts, then with local township government before accepting a position with the Delco DES.

Cathy Pensyl

The vacant CCDC Deputy Volunteer Coordinator position has been filled by volunteer, Cathy Pensyl, which she assumed this month. Cathy is another veteran volunteer who was an Associate Coordinator heading up the Medical Workgroup and is my compadre in the building, maintenance, and teacher of the ReDI Volunteer Database which she will continue to support. A member of the COVID-19 Task Force under Ed Kline, Cathy will continue to coordinate ReDI missions with me as we ramp up with Booster and Pediatric vaccination activity. Cathy resides in Broomall with her husband and has a son who lives in New England with his family. Highly active in her church, Cathy is a nurse and was a Physician Assistant during her career in the medical profession.


Chris Kelleher

As a newly appointed Associate Coordinator on the Leadership Team, Chris has been involved with CCDC for many years. He works as a software engineer at a health corporation, is an avid photographer, drone pilot, and ARES/RACES Communications administrator and operator. Chris built our new CCDC website and has been instrumental behind the scenes helping the Communications Workgroup with programming, assistance with training us in Teams and has been producing the logistics training videos with Dave Ingram. Chris lives in Villanova with his wife and three children with whom he recently vacationed in Croatia.