Message from CCDC Leadership Board

Dear CCDC Volunteer,  

Once again, we are writing to give you an update on the ongoing COVID-19 Vaccine missions, and to ask for your help in serving our community. The Delaware County COVID-19 Task Force has increased its operation in response to the increased demand for both COVID-19 Testing and Vaccination.  

The Delta variant and availability of the pediatric vaccine, combined with the holiday season and public concerns about the newly-identified Omicron variant, have increased public request for these services. With this in mind, the Task Force has increased hours of operation for several of the vaccination sites, and is looking to our volunteers for support in this last push of 2021! 

Included below are messages of thanks and updates from both Dr. O'Mahony, Delaware County Medical Advisor, and Rosemarie Halt, COVID Director. 

Please log into your REDI account to see if you can help us meet this public need!! 

Thank you as always for your incredible commitment to Delaware County, see you at the Clinics!

The CCDC Leadership Board,
Dennis Daye, Volunteer Coordinator                       Annie Favinger, Volunteer Coordinator
Cathy Pensyl, Volunteer Coordinator                       Tammi Maciolek, DES Volunteer Team
Julia Borek, DES Volunteer Team                            Danielle Koerner, DES Volunteer Management Coordinator

Message from Lisa O'Mahony, MD, Delaware County Medical Advisor 

7 December 2021

Greetings Volunteers, 

This is the time of year to express gratitude and reflect. The Delaware County COVID-19 Task Force would like to thank the amazing Blue Army of Volunteers for keeping our relatives, friends and neighbors in the community protected in the pandemic. Through sharing your time and energy so generously, you have helped the Task Force deliver over 160,000 vaccines. 

We would love to think that our mission is accomplished but it is far from finished. And it is clear the virus is not finished with us. The Omicron Variant is a stark reminder that as this virus continues to circulate, it has opportunity to mutate and potentially evade vaccine. 

The Pennsylvania Department of Health COVID Data Tracker continues to show unsettling trends in Delaware County. Percent positivity in our county has increased from 7.3% to 9.8% in the past 7 days. The incidence rate per 100,000 is up to 160.2 from 139.6 in the past week as well as newly reported confirmed cases, now at 908, up from 791. Increases in average daily COVID specific hospitalizations, Emergency Department visits and COVID patients on ventilators are also reported. 

Gratefully our clinics are filling up and in response we are increasing hours at Yeadon and Chester. Booster recommendations, vaccine mandates and the Pfizer pediatric vaccine rollout have created more demand in the community. 

With your help, we can move the needle toward the end of this pandemic. We so appreciate your time, energy, expertise in executing the mission of protecting our community. 

Wishing you happy, healthy holidays. Thank you for your passion and commitment. 

Lisa O'Mahony MD 
Delaware County Medical Advisor 

Message from Rosemarie Halt, COVID Director 

We have been experiencing increasing positive cases of COVID in our area which have gone from 4.3% a few weeks ago to over 7.7 percent in last few days. We are concerned about the Omicron strain but primarily have Delta still the major threat in PA. Since Jan. 14,  2021 we have been pushing to vaccinate our county and we continue to make progress but still have our 5 to 12 year old populations, boosters for those over 18 years of age and first and second doses for those residents who missed the first round of vaccinations. 

As the COVID Director for the county since Jan. of this year I have seen firsthand how the BLUE ARMY's dedication and love of our county helped us give out 170,000 vaccines and counting! The job is not done yet and we are asking once again for your service during a time of need in the hopes that we can finally beat back COVID ! 

Thank you! 

Rosemarie Halt RPh. MPH. 
Delaware County 
Board of Health Chair & COVID Director