Dear Volunteers –

This week we are seeing CCDC serve in a way that was never even thought of until now. The pandemic is affecting our hospitals by causing a large influx of patients at a time of severe staffing difficulties, in part because the virus is infecting many hospital employees. CCDC help has been requested, and we are responding by giving time in some of our ERs helping busy employees keep up with their patient care duties. As we have in our VPOD missions, both non-medical and medically qualified volunteers have been requested. The non-medical side of the ER missions have been filled for most of the shifts, and for this we thank you profusely! We thank you for your time and efforts, and patience while some kinks are worked out in these new roles.

Medical volunteers have been heard from too. While there have been fewer responses to fill the shifts, you have called to say you are interested and want to participate but cannot because you are in quarantine, you are sick, or your health care jobs are requiring extra hours to keep those facilities running. You have to take care of yourselves first, and we know you all have family and job responsibilities that can prevent you from being able to volunteer when you want to. We thank you just as heartily! We highly value your part in getting Delco through this pandemic. The CCDC Leadership is encouraged to know that you are interested and engaged. We know that when you are able, we will see you at some of our missions.

As you know, when medical volunteers are requested, we separate the missions into medical/non-medical groups. We have removed that separation from the current missions in the ERs, knowing that some medically qualified people may be more comfortable completing non-medical responsibilities in an ER setting. We want to give opportunities for volunteering to all those who are available and able. Because the hospitals are becoming overwhelmed with increased patients and decreased employees, we anticipate the healthcare systems in our area will continue to reach out to us for non-medical ER assistance. We will continue to post missions that are open to both non-medical and medical volunteers who want to volunteer in a non-medical capacity.

Again, thank you ALL!

CCDC Board
Dennis Daye, Annie Favinger, Cathy Pensyl, Danielle Koerner, Julia Borek, Tammi Maciolek