The Vaccine Point of Dispensing (VPOD) Missions

CCDC continues to support the Vaccine Point of Dispensing (VPOD) Missions in Delaware County! The Delaware County Health Department continues to be developed and new staff members are joining the team. As these new staff members are working to onboard, our volunteers are encouraged to welcome them and offer to assist them with the many Best Practices that we have learned during the past several months.

You will also note that the weekly VPOD Missions are decreasing. This is to allow the newly hired staff to learn the process and begin to build the clinical components of the Health Department. NEVER FEAR! CCDC will continue to be an integral part of this mission!

ER Support Missions

On 1/3/2022 CCDC MRC deployed the first volunteers to assist Delaware County Emergency Rooms that have been overwhelmed by the COVID-19 Surge that began in late December 2021. As the Hospital systems continue to navigate the back end of this surge and recover from an incredibly taxing several months, they have requested that the CCDC MRC extend the mission of support through mid-February, allowing for more time for their front-line staff to recover and get additional supports in place.

The CCDC Board met and approved the request and have held a meeting with the Site Leads and Debriefing Teams who have been participating in this mission. All are in agreement that this extension is in-line with the CCDC Mission. The updated schedule will be available this weekend.

A Heartfelt THANK YOU to every volunteer who has donated time to all of the many missions that have helped Delaware County navigate the past several months!