Dear CCDC Volunteers,

Please see below the message from Shelly Lluz from the Health Department regarding the closure of the regular Tuesday and Saturday Vaccine Clinics in the county due to decrease in demand & in preparation of the official launch of the Health Department. At this time, the CCDC Volunteers are being asked to continue their Friday support of the Watkins Center Vaccine location through 4/1/2022, after which the Health Department Team will shift their focus on training and preparing for the young pediatric COVID-19 vaccinations, and other non-Pandemic public Health initiatives that will include the continued partnership with the Volunteers.

With these closures ends the era of regular need of our volunteer commitment for COVID-19 vaccination, and begins a new era of future CCDC/MRC involvement to support the mission of the Delaware County Health Department, under the Leadership of the Delaware County Department of Emergency Services.

For many of us, the COVID-19 Vaccine Operation has been a daily driver in our lives over the past year and this announcement may feel bitter-sweet. I encourage everyone to take a moment and reflect on what this announcement truly means for Delaware County; the mission to provide initial COVID-19 Vaccination opportunities to anyone who wanted it has been an overwhelming success, and the Volunteers of the CCDC has been a key component in this success! 

As we close this chapter, we look to open new ones and invite you to join us in continuing to serve the Delaware County Community with post-pandemic vaccination All Hazards initiatives of the Department of Emergency Services & coming Public Health Initiatives.

You are an invaluable part of Delaware County's Resilience, and I thank you for your dedication!


Danielle Koerner BS, Paramedic
Volunteer Management Coordinator
Department of Emergency Services

Message from Shelly Lluz, Delaware County Health Department:

It is with deep regret that we are ending the Tuesday and Saturday vaccine clinics at Watkins and Chester after March 12, 2022. We have looked at the appt volume data and the number of appts continue to trend downwards. But this is not the end of our relationship with the MRC. Since the new health department launches officially on April 2nd, we wanted to take the time to look at how the vaccine clinics will look like once we open our new, all-inclusive sites in Yeadon and Chester. This is also not the end of our commitment to the County of Delaware; we plan to be imbedded into our community. Our goal is to increase access to care for the most vulnerable populations and it will be targeted and specific to their needs. We do expect to partner with the MRC on these initiatives. So stay tuned, more information will be forthcoming in the next couple of weeks.


Shelly Lluz Takach, MPH
Population Health Manager