by Ed Kline, MCM Emergency Planner, Department of Emergency Services, County of Delaware

Kids and COVID. Just participated in a webinar put on by Nemours and Jefferson Health on kids returning to school. A panel of pediatricians answered questions and concerns. Here are my raw notes. Read it, don't read it. That is up to you. There is no agenda here.

Covid for kids…

Wear a mask over 2 years old. Kids will surprise you.

Practice for short times for younger kids.

Parents must be vaccinated. Shows kids we can be safe.

Use hand sanitizer. Lotion can help prevent dryness

Use social distancing

Get kids back in school. They need the interaction.

Watch for kids who become introverted. Less interaction. Acting out. Getting in fights. They are struggling. Talk to them.

Schools should require masks.

Use social distancing and hand washing at home near immunocompromised family members.

Avoid crowds indoors.

Explain why we need masks. New variant. Reduce risk. Prevent transmission.

Maintain adult health.

Keep routine well visits for kids.

Heathy diet. Exercise

Get outside

Recognize and talk about stress.

This is not a normal situation.

Take care of yourself. Get good rest. This will help your kids.

If you are struggling the kids will know.

Be open with your experiences.

Delta variant does cause children to have illness. Death is still rare.

The transmission of this virus is still the same. Implement and follow the procedures. Hand washing. Sanitizing. Social distancing.

Not seeing severely infected kids with Asthma.

Do see obese issues.

If kids get sick followup with their pediatrician before it gets worse. Treatments are available in some areas.

Report any illness early.

Lots of rest. Lots of fluids.

Loss of taste and/or smell is a significant symptom.

Make sure masks for correctly. Can bother anyone including kids. If kids complain try to adjust appropriately.

Masks do not cause a health impact. No negative cognitive impacts either.

Vaccine will be safe when approved for 5-11 year olds. May be dosing adjustments.

Specific masks for musical instruments.

Mask when singing unless outside.

Testing is available. Get kids tested if any symptoms are new onset. Cough. Fever.

PCR tests are more reliable.

Rapid tests need confirmation.

Don't overthink the type of mask. Fit is more important.

Flu systems. Stay home 24 hours after fever of 100.4 or higher. Otherwise ok to return to school.

We are never returning to pre pandemic normal.

Kids are resilient. Adults need to roll with them.

We care about our patients. There is no agenda here.

Fit testing is not needed.

Covid is transmitted by droplet transmission. Not airborne. So N95 fitted masks not required.

Feel good about getting back to school. Kids adjust well.

Can be done safely.

Focus on the positives. Not the negatives.

One small candle of light will light up a whole room. Be the light for your community.

Boosters are coming. 8 months from second dose.