Thank you for your interest in volunteering with the Citizen Corps of Delaware County (CCDC).

Eligibility to Join

Volunteers must be 18 to 75 years of age. A vaccination or COVID test is NOT required to volunteer.

Please see thFrequently Asked Questions for questions regarding registration tips. 

If you have any questions or concerns please feel free to contact us by email at

Be sure to check out our web page at and look for us on Facebook and Twitter.

Steps to Join

Please follow the steps below to join, train and participate as a new volunteer of Citizen Corps of Delaware County.

Sign Up for CCDC Account on Galaxy Digital to Register

Go to the CCDC Galaxy Digital User Registration Page to sign up for a new account.

view CCDC/ReDI User Registration

  • Complete all the required questions. You'll have the ability to edit or update these fields.

  • As part of your CCDC Galaxy Digital application, we ask for information that will place you in a medical or non-medical role for our current missions; your interests and skill sets, and your willingness/credentials to perform vaccinations.

  • Be sure to have credentials available to enter into your account so they can be verified.

  • After you complete all questions, you'll click "create your account".

  • You will receive an email confirming your registration and directing you to servPA to complete that account.

  • Your registration needs to be reviewed. You will NOT be able to view Programs OR sign up for Missions until you receive a confirmation that your qualifications have been approved. We rely on servPA to provide background checks and healthcare licensure verification.

  • You will receive an email each time a qualification is approved by CCDC manager. Periodically log back in to check on the progress of your qualification approvals.

Complete Your SERVPA Profile

Go to SERVPA and signup and complete your profile. Your profile must be 100% complete, including uploading a headshot photo for your ID. 


  • All volunteers must register with ServPA.

  • Be sure to have credentials available to enter into your account so they can be verified.

  • Website not working? Experiencing a delay? Please be persistent and try again later. The high volume of new volunteer registrations on ServPA is causing some delay.

  • ServePA approval may take up to 1 week pending Commonwealth of Pennsylvania review and approval. Stand by and stick with us! Volunteers will be needed throughout the rest of 2021 and there is a role for you.

  • You will not receive an email from notifying you that your application has been approved profile. You must check your account,

A SERVPA Tutorial is attached to your welcome email and also available here:

Complete Your Required Background Check and Upload to ServPA and Galaxy Digital

The Commonwealth of Pennsylvania has ceased to conduct background checks for volunteers signed up in the ServPA Volunteer Database and has requested that local organizations handle this themselves. A new volunteer who signs up now in ServPA is required to obtain their own FREE proof of Background Check and upload it to their ServPA account.

view PATCH Criminal History Background Check

  • Go to and complete the FREE check
  • Download and save the certificate
  • Upload the certificate into ServPA-Your Account>Training>using “Patch” and enter the date of the certificate as the course date and the following year as expiration date.
  • Upload the certificate (shown on the next page) as the answer to a Qualification Question in Galaxy, too!

Participation in Missions

After you have completed your ReDI account, SERVPA profile, you will receive a notification email once everything is approved and complete.  You sign back in to CCDC/ReDI to Fan Programs and respond to Missions.

Initial Training

You should sign up for the next available CCDC Orientation and MCM 101 classes (which are currently held over video conferences).

Attend an Orientation

Attend an orientation session to review the Citizen Corps of Delaware County Handbook.

New volunteer recruits must attend this orientation and Handbook training session. Information about our program and volunteer handbook ill be discussed. All volunteers are encouraged to ask a relative, friend, coworker or neighbor to attend. Orientation/handbook sessions will be conducted on the odd months throughout the year.

The County of Delaware is recruiting residents to join an exciting national initiative geared toward encouraging individuals to volunteer to assist during disasters, mass care, and public health events. The Citizen Corps is a branch of Freedom Corps and offers both medical professionals and non-medically qualified volunteers the opportunity to receive FREE training and to be part of a team to support a broad range of emergency/disaster responses to help our fellow citizens in the county.

Volunteers possess a diverse range of skills, but the willingness to volunteer is what really counts! Please join us to learn more about the the Citizen Corps of Delaware County!

Citizen Corps volunteers are part of a larger system of preparedness and response. Volunteers attend important trainings on disaster mental health, emergency and disaster response, public health preparedness, and more. Delco volunteers are part of the county emergency operation plan (EOP) and participate in important exercises that test our county and regional emergency response.

This 2.5 hour training will cover:

Citizen Corps background, mission, goals, Service Principles, Management Principles, Eligibility and Enrollment, Credentialing and placement, Tiered volunteering, Readiness and training, Ways to volunteer, Volunteer Development, Critical Missions - Public Health & Mass Care, Emergency activation, Command & accountability, Communications, Liability, Policies, Code of conduct, Emergency Services Operations, Volunteer Benefits & Expectations, Volunteer rights and responsibilities, Confidentiality, and Photo consent.

Just go to our Facebook events page, and look for the next Citizen Corps Orientation & Handbook Training event.

view Facebook Event Page

Attend MCM 101 Training

Attend the medical counter measures 101 training.

This training is intended for all Delaware County Medical Countermeasures Program partners, Open POD leaders and volunteers, Closed POD leaders and volunteers, CCDC volunteers, supporting agencies, county and municipal leaders, and elected officials.

We have always said that if we have an activation of our Medical Countermeasures program it has been a bad day. Well here we are in a pandemic that MAY required a partial or full activation of our MCM program. The Delaware County MCM program is one of only two in the USA recognized by the CDC as “Established.” We take our MCM program and the various elements of it very seriously. This training will provide you an overview of the program, introduce you to the various elements, and prepare you to use MCM concepts for future exercises.

Just go to our Facebook events page, and look for the next MCM 101 trainings: Basic understanding of MCM program.

view Facebook Event Page

Other Training

Pleasee see our Training section for other training you may be interested in.

Need Help?

If you have any questions or concerns please feel free to contact us by email at