As you might have noticed, we are posting a variety of missions this month and next that include VPOD & Pop-Up Booster Vaccinations, Food Drives, Festivals, as well as more training opportunities. The increase in VPODS is expected to continue in order to get the Boosters (and maybe the kids vaccinations as the news forecasts) distributed through the Autumn. Aston, Chester, and Yeadon are making an encore appearance and we hope you do too!!

November is getting some action and we trust you will schedule your volunteer hours in tandem with your holiday plans. Your continued support is a testament to the resilience of our volunteer corps and it is heartwarming to be part of it month after month.

Citizen Corps is still in a transition phase and the organization is shuffling the deck a bit to transform into a more effective structure that will provide us with direction and goals with which accomplish more good work. I do not know the details yet but as soon as I do, you will!

If you have any questions or concerns, please email us at and I will get you an answer.

We understand that we are trying to get back to normal and that your lives are filled with school, kids, and the upcoming holidays which might include travel plans. Our sincerest wish for everyone is to stat safe and healthy throughout the fall.

Warm Regards,
Judy McKinney