Happy New Year Volunteers!

We are starting 2022 with an unprecedented situation for CCDC and Delaware County.

Crozer Health System has made an official request to Delaware County Department Emergency Services asking for Delco MRC support in their four ER departments (Crozer, Delaware County Memorial Hospital, Springfield and Taylor) for basic patient care and related duties.

This is the first time that CCDC has been asked to provide support within a hospital setting.

We are humbled by this request and hope to satisfy this unmet need as best as we can. Because of our performance in 2020 and 2021, our assistance is valued to the extent as to invite us into the Emergency Rooms to help the hospital staff for a short period of time.

This is a life support set of missions and is the Number 1 Priority to fulfill, per the Department of Emergency Services.

We have the volunteer capacity to staff this request and to staff our daily vaccination clinics. We have over 1,000 non-medical volunteers and over 500 medical volunteers who can donate time to respond to this call to serve. The next wave of the pandemic will continue to challenge our healthcare systems and we want to assist for as long as we can.

MRC will deploy up to 2 medical and 2 non-medical volunteers each day starting January 3, 2022, through January 8, 2022, from 1500 hrs. to 2200 hrs. with a Site Leader. Just in Time Training will commence from 1500-1600. PPE and 30-minute breaks with food vouchers will be provided to our volunteers. The ER Charge Nurse will manage the daily assignments.  All MRC members will be assigned to and overseen by ER staff. 

We have our marching orders and another challenge to overcome. The CCDC Leadership is confident that we will be successful once again and serve our friends and neighbors in this uncertain time of the recent wave of Covid-19 variables with which we are dealing.

Please take some time to select from the various missions we have created to serve our County.

Thank you so much.