Since communication is effective only if we speak the same language, we want to introduce you to an acronym that may be new to you: COMEX. A COMEX, or communication exercise, is a periodic evaluation of our ability to reach volunteers in an emergency. Several times per year, we are required to demonstrate that we can connect with you via different modes, in the event that one or more fails.

A COMEX from Citizen Corps of Delaware County will be sent to you as an email and a text message through your SERVPA account. The messages will explain that you don't have to deploy anywhere, but a response from you is required to complete the exercise. You can respond to either the email or the text, and you should respond as soon as you are able to do so.

Please take time today and sign in to your SERVPA account and verify all contact information.  Confirm that your email address is correct, and that you have provided an SMS number (usually the same as your cell phone number). This will enable you to receive both the email and text. 

We also will be performing a COMEX through your Galaxy account. Be aware that you will not be notified through Galaxy if you have opted out of receiving emails, so we suggest that you do not do this. Please consider activating the text function in your Galaxy account if you have not already done so Citizen Corps of Delaware County (  In your Profile under Mobile (Phone), click on the red button labelled "GET MOBILE CODE".  You will be texted a code number; enter the code and click on "VALIDATE CODE". In short, if you we cannot reach you by email or text, you have cut off communications from CCDC and we cannot notify you if there is an emergency event in our county (e.g. a tornado in the middle of the night, a fire with people displaced from their homes)

If you have questions, email . This is a monitored email and you will receive a response. For your convenience, links to ServPA and Galaxy are listed in this email.

In advance, thank you for your participation with the exercise and most of all for volunteering with the Citizens Corps.

Galaxy Volunteer Database


CCDC Leadership Team