Volunteer Hours Before Galaxy

To all Volunteers, we wanted to make you aware that your volunteer hours for the fiscal year July 1, 2020 through June 30, 2021, have been calculated and uploaded into your Volunteer Profile in a lump sum. It took some Google docs/sheet manipulation and calculation, but we were able to recreate the manual system based on your responses to Ed's Google Doc requests for missions. Thank you to all involved with this project. If you think that your hours are misrepresented, please do not hesitate to contact us at the official mailbox: mrc@co.delaware.pa.us.


At last night's CCDC Leadership Council Meeting, Ed congratulated Danielle for her year of service in the position of DES Volunteer Coordinator and for having navigated the challenge of  learning the Volunteer Database, for overseeing a transition with the Delaware County Health Department; for blending her talents, knowledge and skills with the CCDC Leadership and volunteers, and for assuming the budget responsibility that acquires CCDC with the equipment and supplies that we need to replenish and embellish our current inventory. If you didn't already know, there is a tremendous amount of work behind the scenes required to balance the wants and needs of CCDC and to finesse, convince, and demonstrate all of those wants and needs.

There is only one thing that gets the attention of the leadership at DES and the County Council - the ONLY thing that has gotten us countywide and statewide recognition with the powers that be is that WE SHOW UP! Volunteers are there whenever there is a job to get done, whenever there is a crisis to mitigate, and whenever we are called! When we show up in the numbers we have, then we receive the praise, as well as the equipment and supplies we need.

The Volunteer Celebration on August 18th is another event to which we have to SHOW UP! We must continue to demonstrate, with our bodies at the party, that we are a strong volunteer force that will not back down, that appreciates the efforts of behind-the-scenes leg work and planning, and that we stand strong in crisis as well as in solidarity at a social event. SHOW UP to Celebrate Us, to illustrate our strength in service, and to give thanks to one another for successfully teaching strangers to be leaders! Please unite with us on August 18th at 5:30pm at the Rose Tree County Park.

See you there!
CCDC Leadership